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My thoughts were so excited all day..... I write to you all day, I know you have something planned for tonight, I try snuffx as hard as I can connect with enough to know why. When the door, save your energy with increasing strength and my enthusiasm builds'm goes. My heart starts to race, the butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach, I dare for a moment, his hand on the door. ' hello' to me when I called at the house on foot, the house is quiet, no user response. I leave my bag and take off my shoes, fluttering butterflies are now more than ever, I know you're doing something, I feel that looking at me. Instinctively I look behind me, I see you, just stand and watch me, I smile when I look in your beauty. Are you there, black boots that reached almost to black latex minidress and little inch of the skin between the two programs. You do snuffx not have the full front, presenting her breasts compressed fantastic now crushed by the latex. You have an evil look in you eyes, just so you have to accentuate your snuffx hair in braids that somehow under her face and focus my eyes on you in the mouth hello to me in the seductively. I'm starting to talk, to say how wonderful it looks, I interrupt, I did not say nothing to say, this is for you not me. You taught me to take a shower and then for me to go to the room. So my opinion was right, you have something planned, butterflies have become even stronger, which increases pressure in the groin area when I go to the bathroom too subtle. I shower, thoroughly, but faster than my mind wonders what we have in stock for me. When I finished I went to the room where I think you sit cross-legged on the bed, still as beautiful as when I left, head dress. I'll leave a few inches away, I'll talk, but snuffx to lift a finger toy lips snuffx as a reminder to me to be silent. Can you tell me in bed with you, I obey, and to reach ordifferent and start fixing my left hand on the railing at the top of the bed, and then right, I'm in your mercy, now, if I wanted, I could free my hands. I do not worry I trust you, although I have no idea what you want me tonight. I'm not wait long snuffx to extend my breasts latex covered legs and stepped forward snuffx and grabbed the railing of the bed in front of you, forward and now I've shaved a prefect view of fresh pussy, just inches from my face. snuffx I know you're excited, I can see the first drops of moisture on the lips, smell the wonderful aroma. Pressing down, I know what you want and raise his head, his nose touching the soft flesh of his hip. I bit my tongue stiffens and the outline of her pussy, careful not to touch her ​​clitoris only. I have licking her soft folds, as they begin to open, it will be very happy now, I hear through the clothing that covered my head around moaning. s of the hipsTart of my dives tongue between the lips of the opening of this move and find the entrance of her pussy. I turn around my tongue, and a slight decrease between the eddies, really for you and how I found my tongue inside you, press down on my face, grinding her clit against my nose. They move around the hips, is pressing hard on the face, to breathe its always difficult for me, but I do not listen to my push swirl of the tongue. I hear your moans louder now, I have to breathe, I have curiosity for now, I know I'm strong, but I have no consolation, even in pressure and ground in the face. I have to breathe too soon, your conscious and sub ​​know that lifting the face, break a large volume of air and a sigh of relief coming from my mouth. They move well, have changed snuffx some, I have yet pushed snuffx her pussy into my face, but now my dick in his hands the base, I feel the blood flowing and further inflammation. Then I feel her tongue snuffx swirling around my head a little swollen, feels that his fantastic. They suck in my head that for air. lick her pussy wildly back now, I can not get enough of licking the juices, which are on their side. Then it moves easily, I feel my ass on the lower chest, I do not know what the hell all that I have your ass through my mouth. I lick and kiss his ass cheeks, you are taking me deep into the mouth, I'm sure you can feel the neck to push the head of my penis, just like you. I feel a strong pressure building inside me are my balls tighten. I push my tongue forward hole ironic touch, taste slightly bitter and pungent in the ass, makes me even more. Lamo hole is around you carefully explore the narrow entrance. Accelerated pace, like me, I can feel your throat, I can not feel your hands, I pushed my tongue into her hole now, I can feel the pulse My chest is dripping wet from her pussy. Then I feel my hands again, I feel your fingers, rub the oil on snuffx my ass, gently probing fingers inside me now. I know soon I run, and so, my tongue is still working snuffx at his hole, I feel like rolling the fingers and pressing against my prostate, my cock in her mouth and then on the lips. I feel my prostate fluid feel pushed, now I have to push the tongue, push past the resistance of tight ass, I'm leak in your hole now, I feel moaned on my cock, I feel the pressure building , you can hear now, I can see, I have no sense at all in fun, then I run. I explode in your mouth, your fingers feel like I have my terminal paralysis ass, sucking the last drops from me as I sit on my ass clip my tongue I feel an increase in moisture in the chest and moaning in sensation my cock like you to join me in orgasm. I feel fingers slide out of my ass to leave them exposed to feel the fresh air, then you are out of my face, you turn around, I know what you do, you snuffx kiss me, and opening the mouth, my sperm flows betamong us, revolve around the language. Both share swallow the liquid bitter, salty between us. Our mouths part and hope in the eyes, I see the passion that tells me not finished with me yet.....
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